Le Lessons

This webpage contains a generalized index of various "lessons" to help integration into the greater [s4s] community. If you do not respect or observe [s4s] culture you should try out >>>/b/ instead.

If you want to get a page added, email nice-anonymous-poster@protonmail.com with the text you want to include in the article + an image (optional). I'm also open to website improving suggestions or requests to improve the articles that are in place and severely outdated.

  1. Welcome to [s4s]
  2. Fignewton Guide
  3. How to Funpost
  4. Guide to [s4s] lingo
  5. A guide for the Modern Newfig
  6. How to groom your moustache
  7. Cool Web Links for Nicefigs
  8. How Memes are Made - A guide by Anonymous
  9. Why you should pet your cades
  10. How to Trole
  11. I Puked My Pants
  12. what are you doing here?
  13. Topkek
  14. Flube Physiology
  15. Raise Flube Psychosis Awareness
  16. The Cutepost
  17. This is a post-ironic board
  18. Introducing
  19. Children go to jail for Swearing
  20. There He Go
  21. Debunking Red Beary Myths & Misconceptions
  22. The Sus Dog
  24. Why must Yosho return to 1999 to stop the Spikeman?
  25. Yuji Sakai is
  26. Asian Gorl
  27. Be...