Fignewton Guide

1. be nice to other posters, because, as le pink grill says "this is nice board".

2. try to use more privileged, nicer words such as
-f*g >>> -fig
f*ck >>> fug
sh*tposting >>> funposting
troll >>> master ruseman
lol >>> lel/toplel/topkek/kek
newf*g >>> fig newton

3. if a person uses green text
>like this
always respond to them with "who are you quoting" as it is important to know the source of green text quotes.

4. please do not post lewd images on this board. we are family friendly and discourage any postings of it.

5. bump the current kek thread to make it the most replied thread in existence, and to keep keks at the top of all keks.

6. "letting dubs go unchecked is murder" -le daily remembrance face
if you see someone get dubs/trips/quads/a GET, you must respond to them congratulating their dubs/trips/quads/GET

7. if anyone acts #rude and disobeys this guide, please show them to their correct boards, for example >>>/b/ if they post #lewd and say mean things, or >>>/pol/ if they hate on nelson mandela or privilege. after responding to them like this, HIDE their threads, IGNORE their posts, and DO NOT REPLY to these people. (and report where necessary)

8. this board is owned in joint by gippo dudee, le dubs man aka patrick bateman, the purple palm tree men (moderators) and mot (the creator of four chan). all issues may be directed towards the latter two, and gippo dudee shall remind you of his ownership daily.

9. we encourage making your own memes. try to find COMEDY GOLD in any current situation and make OC from it. post your memes everywhere constantly and encourage others to do the same. it worked with kek, it worked with mandela, it worked with froge, it can work with you!

10. on certain dates, you will prepare to do things like never before. try to take part in these and be prepared<

11. dubs, check em.

that's all :^)