Interesting Web Links for Nicefigs

The problem is, OP, that you probably aren't seeing all the posts. If you are just viewing [s4s] through the /s4s/ board, you don't see the green posts, the posts with letters in their ids, or anything numberless. Together, those make up about 40-70 percent of [s4s], depending on the day. So conversation will appear disjointed and spastic, because you won't be getting the full picture.

I actually just flipped over to the /s4s/ interface to make this post, and it's pretty funny how unintelligible [s4s] is like this.

Coole Old Scripts for frens (if these do not work, you may need to run the links thru waybackmachine)

Script for Colored Text
Highlights doubles so you never miss them
Upvote ebin posts and threads
Another coloured text script
Get watching script. You can see when the next ebin gets happen. No auto-posting though, that kind of script is rude

Coole Web Links for frens

Dank May Mays
Ses Online
[s4s] Enhancer
[s4s] Interface
OC Albumes - I really recommend you give these a listen!
Online Interface
S Force (the game)
Nice World 2
Topkek Tribune Archive

%rainbow text

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