Guide to [s4s] Lingo

Guide to [s4s] lingo:

>Fug - Censored, family-friendly version of f*ck
>Fignewton - Censored, family-friendly version of newf*g
>Kek - An expression of joy, similar to lol
>Lel - Comedy gold. His wrinkles and comedic smile are seen all over this board and on /sp/
>Rip Lyl - In 2012, lyl, member of the Lel family, was murdered by b*stard Uncle l0ll. He is still on the run today. #riplyl we crey evrytim :'^(
>Ebin - An expression of approval. Usually written as 'Ebin, simply ebin'
>Purple Palm Tree Man - The moderators. Their clovers look like purple palm trees :^)
>Mot - Our creator. Mot made this board. Mot approves of this board
>Le - The