An advanced guide to ruders and rudef*gs

An advanced guide to ruders and rudef*gs

Most commonly asked questions are:

Q : What should I do if I encounter a ruder?

A : Phone the r*de police and get them to take away the ruder, or you could just cry in a corner. Your choice really...

Q : How do I spot a ruder?

A : Ruders usually try to imitate a nicefig, so cross your keks and hug your ─║els to hope you don't find one. Ruders also like to say bad words like (h*ck, or fr*ck)

Okay now that that's out the way, we can get into bury sad things

Why are ruders well...ruders?

Ruders may have had a previously bad life and need to target the nice to feel better about themselves, if you know a ruder personally. Ask them if they are okay, and kiss them (nicely)