Welcome to [s4s]

Hello! Have you recently arrived? Welcome, fignewton, to the best board on 4chan. You are reading the sticky, placed there by the purple palm tree men ([s4s] lingo, you will learn it soon!) to guide fignewtons.

>What is [s4s]?
[s4s] is a board created by Mot on April 1, 2013. Initially a sh*tposting board, it soon became a funposting board of lels, keks and dubs.

>Why are people greentexting the wrong way?
Meme arrowing has become a lot more popular on our board thanks to a few great add-ons made by our fellow [s4s]quatches. You can orangetext, redtext, purpletext and use emotes! Link will be in another lesson.

>Who am I quoting?
When you meme arrow, you borrow the thoughts of many a funposter. We love hearing about the things you've borrowed.

>What is Topkek?
Topkek is a brand of packaged muffin treats sold in Turkey. They are very popular on our board and threads about kek can garner thousands of replies. We encourage you to use 'kek' in place of 'lol' and 'lel'.

>I don't see any rudeness...
Rudeness is forbidden on our board. So is swearing (censor it please!). We encourage you to redirect rude people to /b/ee, where they can post their rudeness.

>My mustache is too wide!
This is an ongoing problem in our community. Many of us do indeed trim our mustaches, but everyone tells us that it is just too wide. In future, you should consider posting a mustache grooming guide to help our [s4s] friends tend their mustaches to perfection.

>Why are you people so obsessed with doubles?
Dubs are a heaven sent gift from our god, Patrick Bateman. If you see a post ending in doubles, we encourage you to check them. Letting a pair of dubs go unchecked is worse than murder?

>Who is Gippo Dudee?
Gippo Dudee owns the board.

>Is this your fetish?
This is an example of classical funposting. Our fetishes are private, so keep them to yourself ;^)