A Guide for the modern newfig

4chan as a whole?
Still great. It might be worse than it was 10 years ago, but it's still way better than all the chan offshoots, and CERTAINLY way, way better than the sinkholes that are other sites. Discussion is still good, even on fast boards (depending on what time you post), and of course, the menes are fresh and funky. People go on and on about how "ohmygurd it's over le fourchianna is dead oh the internet is over yadda yadda", but i think the site is full of people who are the change they want to see and a vocal minority of users are true contributors and have been slowly changing the style of conversation for the better.

The word tourist has become a bit of a buzzword, but I think that some cases it still rings true. /pol/, and sects of other fast boards are super annoying. I'm getting sicker and sicker of politics every single day. I think that instead of telling newfigs to lurk moar we should also tell them to browse the archives because they may pick up the things that newfags that don't lurk do.

I've only fully watched a handful of anime. I've started hundreds of shows and dropped them, so I don't think anime is for me.

/r9k/, /b/ and /a/?
/r9k/ is pretty dead, and /b/ has been 6 feet deep for over a decade at this point. Neither of them are fun to browse, and /r9k/ has fallen off in users. /a/'s dbsposting is kinda fun, but like I said I'm not a huge anime guy, so I've not browse there since I was a young lass newfig

Cute animals. Frogs in relation to 4chan? A dead relic. Nobody annoyingly pepeposts anymore. You'll see him here and there but it's nothing I'd even pay attention to.

Sex offenders?
Don't r*pe eat a grape

Board quality?
[s4s] is the greatest board in the history of 4chan, and it has stayed that way for years. People dredge on about how it sucks nao, but go browse any other board for a week and TELL me [s4s] sucks. People actually have fun here, the discussion is actually good. OC is actually created.