Welcome to [s4s]

liek literally. what le fug are YOU doing here.
[s4s] is literally a place to bothe literally and figuratively think about that question and then perhaps quite literally answer it.
u're probably sitting at home thikning about pizze and the pointlessness of life. should u eat order that pizze? think about it...
look at the board. look at it for a second. do you understand what's going on? of course not, none of us do. think about what someone would think when looking at [s4s] if the most of hte internet that they have seen is facebook. think about ur grandmom seeing [s4s] for the first time.
tbh that's how all of us still see it, even le ebin oldfignewtons who have been here since the dawn of tiem.
none of this makes sense so why aren't u posting?
there's even a page on the website that has insttructionals, le lessons and other educational content to help guide you in your posting habits.
in fact u're reading one of them right now. ur on that fugging site RIGHT NOW.

if you're sitting in front of a computer or phone and u've got [s4s] pulled up on that bad boy u're probably reading a post. and why haven't u responded to it yet?
u aint done ur lurkiing yet? answer: lurk
u don't care about the post ur reading? answer: don't respoond
u think someone might think ur stupid? answer: Lole who giv a fugg!!!! are u on the internet or are you not on the internet??

just be hecking nice, k? or if u can't be hecking nice least be ironic when ur rewd. no one likes a party pooper and [s4s], least far as i can tell, is a place to have fun.

is that pizze coming or what? cuz i'm not getting in the car to go pick it up so u bettre have ordered delivery rofl.

what else is there to say about what ur doing here? fuggin i don't fuggin know! u tell me! that's the whole point, right? why'd u ask me anyway rofl!!!