How to Funpost

So you want to be a funposter, huh?
It's not easy.

This guide will teach you "thirty second funpost" technique.

The basis of "thirty second funpost" is lowercase typing only. No capitalization or punctuation. It reflects the very nature of the "thirty second funpost".

"What should my post contain?"
The content of the post is a reflection of your spirit. As this is the "thirty second funpost" you should approach your keyboard with the intention of funposting and let it flow.

At first, you might feel daunted. In this case you may look at current funposting trends and draw inspiration from them.
As a beginner, you may copy a funpost you have seen before and give it your own distinct touch. As you do this you will begin to get the feel and develop your own style.

As with all arts, the proper form is important. funposting is not as abstract as it seems.

Emoticons are allowed. However, xD, ;_;, :3 are the marks of an amateur and are to be avoided.
Genuine typing errors should be left in, but not made on purpose. Even a non-funposter can discern an intentional typo from an unintentional one, and you will lose credibility.
There is one exception. Leaving the "S" off of words that should be pluralized. Used sparingly, this can boost your funposting power by 15%.
Poor grammar is acceptable. Take a moment of deliberation to see if your post could benefit from it.
Many funposts stand or fall on this point alone.

"Thirty second funpost" technique does not place great emphasis on image uploaded. Though an advanced technique is re-using an image to establish a truly epic funpost.

Use these guidelines as a foundation. You will discover unwritten rules as you progress.

It's said that a master cannot make a funpost in thirty seconds, but thirty funposts in a second.
This guide too, was made in thirty seconds.

So good luck! Find your own style and perfect it!

I look forward to seeing the power of your "thirty second funpost"! がんばって!