There He Go

There he go. Look at him again. Everyone posted once the funniest guy around. Oh My God.

I can see your glowing frame, glowing in the dark. Your computer lights the way. As we giggle, so do the schoolgirls. Type your post up, post away. Or maybe you didn't even fill in the captcha. 4chan pass. Get it, like Multi-pass? I'm so funny. I liked that movie a lot when I was younger, but I'm sad that it doesn't hold up as well today. I mean... Who thought giving Chris Tucker a career was a good idea? So you just choose the picture. And we all know that picture. That epic meme you use. Isn't it? I imagine you laughing, having fun, enjoying life, and you click that image. You don't eat food. Your mother loves you. Oh that's right, your mother is a wonderful lady. She accepts you for who you are. She doesn't mind encouraging you to follow your dreams. For a grown man. You're on 4chan. You made a post, you did it. Just imagine this. When sleep, she sleep. No more tears. Casual conversations are a must. An astronaut. When you force memes, we all win. Unchecked dubs are murder. You are an ironic parody of that which manifests itself in conspiracy. And that's not all you are. You are more than anyone can ever imagine. You are... The Star Child.