Flube Physiology

Flubes are just Billions of Micro-Flubes, much like how mushrooms are billions of fungi. Flubes are, in a way, super-flubes. In regards to Micro-Micro-Flubes, each Micro-Flube consists of 3 Micro-Micro-Flubes. Different combinations of the 4 different varieties of Micro-Micro-Flube (Kawolube, Hyzolube, Ebalube and Akrelube) create the 9 known Micro-Flubes, each making pure oils.

[S]-[-]-α-Pinene : Ka, Hy, Ak
[R]-[+]-α-Pinene : Ka, Hy, Eb
Camphene : Ka, Eb, Ak
B-Pinene : Ka, Hy, Hy
3-Carene : Ka, Ak, Ak
Terpinolene : Hy, Eb, Ak
Myrcene : Ka, Ka, Ak
B-Phellandrene : Hy, Hy, Eb
Limonene : Hy, Eb, Eb

To go into more detail, Monoterpenes are structures of Isoprenes that form Dioflubic oils. Isoprene is a fancy word for 3 alike Micro-Flubes forming a triangle structure. If two react, they create a cross-bulge that reduces their boiling point and that's what makes them volatile.

Pure oils are equally important, as they form the outer lining of cell-surfaces in many creatures, such as the Yosho, who has B-Phellandrene oil in his cell-surfaces.